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משאית תל אביב במצעד הגאווה בברלין

משאית תל אביב במצעד הגאווה בברלין


After starring in the Pride Parade of New York and at the height of the security crisis in Europe, the arbitration also conquered the Berlin parade: the huge "Tel Aviv Truck" starred in the parade and danced the hundreds of thousands of celebrants. Look at the special documentation and at the moving moment when marchers from Israel and Lebanon met

The Berlin Gay Pride Parade held more than half a million celebrations. Despite a decline in the number of participants compared to last year, when 750,000 people arrived – a decline attributed to the security situation in Europe – organizers defined the parcel as one of the most successful in the city in recent years.

This year, for the first time, a "Tel Aviv" branded truck, with drag queens and representatives of the Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade, took part in the big parcel and received Israeli DJs under the familiar slogan of "NON STOP CITY" ( Among them the drag queen Arieh Oshri, Gloria Viagra and Ben Feuerstein). All this, in the midst of the particularly unstable security situation in Europe recently, and with Israeli flags waving proudly in the air. A particularly moving moment was recorded when two of the marchers were united in a parade – one with an Israeli flag and the other with a Lebanese flag.

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