Home חדשות ישראל כוכב הרשת 'אליעד מלכי' יוצא כנגד 'מכללת לוינסקי' בשיר "שה"

כוכב הרשת 'אליעד מלכי' יוצא כנגד 'מכללת לוינסקי' בשיר "שה"


Star of the network 'Eliad Malki' comes out against Levinsky College in the song "Shea"

For years, the star of the network, Eliad Malki, has been making his voice throughout the web in provocative and daring songs, almost completely nude. The last clip for the "Sheh" single of the Star of the Net, has accumulated over a hundred thousand views only day. From a conversation with Eliad we were told that the clip talks about the expulsion from the college came to learn "Levinsky College" because of its artistic way. "They did not accept me as I am," says the singer. "They were saddened by the artistic way I chose, the sexual nature of my clips, and especially the" I wanted to love ", in which a gay couple kisses, women become men, men become women. The modern is very common, Levinsky College apparently not. "

The new video of the Star of the Grid shows us the way the star of the network went until he realized that he had been thrown out of college. Eliad himself says: "The strongest scene in the clip was the scene in which I was like a pink horn in front of the college that does not accept the different … In the filming of the scene I was so excited, I felt that I was part of something bigger than just a network hit, .

Malki's video is currently causing a major storm across the network and has reached 100,000 views in less than two days. This coming Sunday Eliad is expected to go to the High Court of Justice to change the decision.





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